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You may have seen our farm featured on Channel 9 and VOA, in articles in the Washington Post, the Loudoun Times Mirror, and more, and on the covers of “Virginia Magazine” and “Insights” magazine. Click on this link to see the articles.

We are committed to the highest standard of excellence in land stewardship, for 43 years growing a sustainable and naturally biodegradable crop in an environmentally responsible manner.  In addition to converting a substantial quantity of carbon dioxide into oxygen, our trees stabilize the soil, offer critical habitat for wildlife and provide a pleasing aesthetic on the land.

We offer a variety of amenities at the farm, including shaking your tree clean and baling it tight for easy transport, providing you with twine to secure it to your vehicle and drilling your tree to precisely fit “stand straight” type tree stands.

At the sales barn we have a great selection of fresh wreaths made daily on site at the farm from our own greens, and we sell items to help you set up your tree and decorate your house for the holidays. This includes a selection of tree stands, pine roping, lights, tree removal bags,  ribbons and bows and gallon jugs of Virginia fresh apple cider from Winchester.

We have snack items at the famous “Snack Shack”, where we  make delicious hot dogs and hot soft pretzels, hot chocolate, as well as having cider, peanuts, chips, drinks, candy and tree bags for sale.

Remember to visit The Shack! 

Our Trees

Douglas Fir

A fragrant, forest green tree with soft, medium length, uniformly green needles, it has excellent needle retention and with water will easily last through the holiday season. This tree has moderately strong branches for hanging ornaments, and varies from being fairly “open” with texture and depth to a more heavily sheared, uniform shape. Douglas Fir is our flagship tree, so as you walk around the farm, you’ll find literally thousands of varieties within the species to choose from!

Colorado Blue Spruce

An extremely fragrant tree with medium short, stiff needles and very strong branches for hanging ornaments. The ideal color is what we call “Elvis Blue”, although some deviate to a traditional green. It is an “open,” natural looking tree that has great needle retention and with water, will easily last through the holiday season. Colorado Blue Spruce with abundant snow cradled in their limbs provide the classic winter scene.