Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do you open?

We open for Christmas tree sales at 9am on Friday, November 27th. We will be open Friday, November 27th-Sunday November 29th 9am until dark, after that weekdays 12 noon until dark and weekends 9am until dark. Check back under "Daily Updates" for our closing date.

2. What services do you provide?

We invite you to our family friendly farm where you can choose and cut your own Christmas Tree at your leisure. We provide saws to cut your tree, a rope to help pull it back to the sales barn, friendly instruction on where to find your tree, a beautiful setting on the slope of the Blue Ridge from which to view the Loudoun Valley below and wreaths for sale from our own greens. Included in your tree purchase, we shake your tree clean and bale it tight for easy transport. We have plenty of heavy duty twine to help tie your tree to your vehicle, but BUNGEE CORDS or other tie-down straps are strongly recommended! Kids love the opportunity to run around the trees and have free form fun! We also sell multi-purpose cam straps that are excellent for tying a tree to your car top and many other uses.

3. What kind of trees do you grow?

Our specialty trees for 39 years have been Mountain Slow Grown Douglas Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce.

4. How are your trees priced?

All of our Mountain Slow Grown Douglas Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce up to 7 feet are the same price, taller trees are priced at the sales barn. Click on the "Prices/Map" link to the left for our current year farm map and pricing information. Please note that ALL trees up to 7' tall are priced at the same price. We do NOT sell small trees at a lower price.

5. How does it work when I get to the farm?

Simple - after parking, walk up to the red shack and get a map, saw, and a rope to pull your tree. Once you find and cut down your tree, bring it back to the sales barn where we will tag your tree with your initials, then shake your tree clean, bale it tight for easy transport, and price it for you. In the sales barn we have a variety of local goods for sale as well as our wreaths made on-site from our own greens. Once you've purchased your tree and any other items, we'll load up your tree on the tractor and take it back down to the parking area, or you can walk it down yourself.

6. Do you have a wagon ride?

In order to promote social distancing and keep our customers safe, we will be restricting the number of customers allowed onto our wagon this year. We anticipate that there might be room only for children or people who have difficulty walking back to the parking area. We do not take our wagon or other vehicles into the fields so that our grass roads between fields remain clean.

7. Where are you located?

We are located just off of Rt 7 approximately 15 miles west of Leesburg;

  • Follow Rt 7 (west from Leesburg, east from Winchester),

  • approximately 16 miles west of Leesburg and 18 miles east of Winchester,

  • to Rt 711 (Williams Gap Road).

  • Our customers tell us that Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm is an obvious landmark visible from Route 7.

  • The driveway to the farm is on Rt 711, 1/2 mile back on the left.

For GPS, the address is 34350 Williams Gap Road, Round Hill, VA 20141.

See here our detailed map for directions.

8. Can I bring my dog?

Yes,so long as they stay on leash and you clean up after your friend. Please be extremely diligent about cleaning up after your dog so that we can continue to allow them on our farm!

9. Should I bring a saw?

When you arrive at the farm, we provide you with a map of the farm, a saw to cut down your tree and a rope to help pull your tree; you are welcome to bring your own saw. Chain saws, saws-alls, hatchets and axes are expressly prohibited.

10. Can you accommodate large groups or celebrations?

Large groups of more than 3 vehicles or 15 people intending to purchase trees are required to contact Steven at (540) 554-8323 at least 2 days before they plan on visiting the farm. Any buses or large vans are also required to speak with Steven before scheduling a trip. We do not allow picnics or ceremonies of more than one hour starting the day after Thanksgiving through the second weekend of December, no exceptions. No tailgating of any kind is permitted in this time frame.

11. What should I bring to the farm?

Bring gloves to handle your tree, and warm clothing as necessary... the weather and particularly snow conditions can vary significantly from what exists in the city. Bungee cords or tie-down straps make it extremely easy to secure your tree to your vehicle in a few minutes. Some people like to bring a plastic tarp on which to pull their tree, it ensures a smoother, cleaner ride for the tree.

12. Do I need 4 wheel drive?

We have a large gravel based parking area for easy parking and access to your car regardless of weather. If snow is in the forecast and you have All-Wheel or 4-Wheel drive, please bring that vehicle to make movement into the farm more easy and guarantee smooth travel to, from and within the farm.

13. Can I drive into the fields?

No, we do not allow any vehicles into any of the fields at any time.

14. Can someone help me cut my tree?

If you come during the week, we can assist single moms and seniors in need of assistance in finding, cutting and bringing your tree to the sales barn. On weekends, we are not able to assist. If you are coming to get a large 10 ft or taller tree, bring your own muscle as we cannot assist on weekends. Plan on needing 3 or 4 strong men to bring in a 11 foot tall Colorado Blue Spruce.

15. When is the best time to cut my tree?

If you can come during the week, we are not as busy and some families with small children and other adults enjoy the quiet atmosphere. We stay open until dark every day, so families can come to the farm after school with plenty of time to select a tree. Historically, the first weekend in December is our busiest time.

16. How long will my tree last?

Your tree will easily last through New Year's Day if you give it plenty of water! If you are not going to set up your tree for several days or longer after bringing it home, put it into water in a cool spot out of direct sunlight. If your tree is not put into water for several hours after cutting, just before you set it up, cut about one inch off of the trunk to allow the vascular system of the tree to absorb water. We recommend using only water, no additives. Recent research indicates that continuously leaving on white LED christmas tree lights can increase needle retention on your tree.

17. How long does it take to grow a tree?

Depending on weather, the type of tree, and the height, anywhere from 8-14 years. We plant the trees as either 3 or 4 year old seedlings, have the kids count the rings on the trunk to determine it's age!

18. Do you have any food for sale?

We provide complimentary local hot spiced cider.

On weekends we offer delicious hot dogs and hot soft pretzels at the Snack Shack in the main barn, and they also have hot chocolate, cider, candy, and soft drinks for sale. Don't forget to visit The Shack!

19. Do you have restrooms?

Yes, we have portable restrooms.

20. What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Apple & Google Pay and all major credit cards.

21. Photography Policy

Customers are encouraged to take as many photos of themselves, family and trees as they like.

For commercial photographers seeking to bring clients to the farm, we require a payment of $250 prior to entry into the farm. You’re then generally welcome to bring clients from Saturday, November 7th through Wednesday, November 25th. After that, no commercial photography is permitted November 26th through November 29th. After November 29th, weekdays only, 12 noon to 5:30pm, no photography is permitted on any weekends. We accept Venmo and Apple Pay in advance, credit cards and cash in person.

Contact us at for further details.

Be sure to check back on "DAILY UPDATE" for continuously updated information.