Snickers Gap Tree Farm

Welcome to Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm!

Our family owned choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm is located near Bluemont, Virginia, situated on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For 38 years we have been growing beautiful fir and spruce trees that we shape exclusively with hand tools, and craft fresh, exquisite wreaths. While searching for your tree, enjoy a view of the Loudoun Valley.

We are open Wednesday through Friday, December 11-14th 2018, 12 noon until 5pm, our final day of tree sales will be Saturday, December 15th when we are open 9am until dark.

At the farm we provide a map of the fields, a saw to cut your tree, and a rope to pull your tree back to the sales barn. You can enjoy some of our complimentary hot apple cider before or after venturing into our fields to select your tree. When you bring it back to the barn, we shake every tree clean and bale each one tight on special machines for cleanliness and ease of transportation. We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards and Apple Pay. No commercial photography and tailgaiting are allowed at the farm on weekends & parties of more than 3 cars or 15 people are required to call for express permission prior to visiting the farm due to our limited parking. Please visit our FAQs for detail or call Steven directly.

Please Check our Daily Update blog for the latest news and weather from the farm and follow us on Twitter and Instagram or join us on Facebook and Google+.

Be sure to look at the great photos from Reuters news and the DC Refined Photo story when they visited Snickers Gap!

We invite you to visit Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm to continue or begin a family holiday tradition that is memorable and enjoyable for all ages!

Merry Christmas

The Wolff Family

In memoriam for our great friend, "Big" Bill Mann who passed away this August, we remember his generous spirit and enthusiasm for helping his colleague Roger Wolff develop Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm and for being our well known "Big Hat" ambassador through 2017.