Our Trees

  • over 40,000 trees in various stages of growth at Snickers Gap Christmas Tree Farm, including our specialties,
  • Mountain Slow Grown Douglas Fir and
  • Mountain Slow Grown Colorado Blue Spruce, as well as a variety of
  • Mountain Slow Grown Norway Spruce.
  • We have a tremendous selection this year of trees up to 10 feet, with many taller!
If you are interested in very large Norway Spruce to be dug for replanting or cut for outdoor display, please call Steven at the farm number.

Douglas Fir

A fragrant, forest green tree with soft, medium length, uniformly green needles, it has excellent needle retention and with water will easily last through the holiday season. This tree has moderately strong branches for hanging ornaments, and varies from being fairly “open” with texture and depth to a more heavily sheared, uniform shape. Douglas Fir is our flagship tree, so as you walk around the farm, you’ll find literally thousands of varieties within the species to choose from!
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Colorado Blue Spruce

An extremely fragrant tree with medium short, stiff needles and very strong branches for hanging ornaments. The ideal color is what we call “Elvis Blue”, although some deviate to a traditional green. It is an “open,” natural looking tree that has great needle retention and with water, will easily last through the holiday season. Colorado Blue Spruce with abundant snow cradled in their limbs provide the classic winter scene.
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Norway Spruce

A uniquely fragrant tree, reminiscent of citrus – if you walk through a stand of Norways, you’ll get the full olfactory experience! This is an extremely “open” tree, sporting short, green needles that tend to wrap around the super-strong branches. A freshly cut Norway given ample water will dispose of the urban legend that has them shedding excessive amounts of needles. Give it plenty of H2O to drink and be aware that all spruces and firs shed needles even when alive.
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